The Pines RV Community

About The Pines

“If you build it, they will come”

In the movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner is walking through the corn field on his farm in Iowa when he hears a voice telling him that “if you build it he will come”. For those of us who has seen the movie it was an amazing story of faith, perseverance and love. Kevin was about to carve up his land and build a baseball field with not fully understanding the reason why. Our story is similar, but we doubt there will be a movie about us!

This is our story

The Pines was designed and built to be different than the rest! Management wanted it to feel like home and more of a community than just a gravel parking lot, so it was constructed as so, and today is absolutely beautiful with great people and families enjoying nature, and all it’s beauty!

The Pines Ground breaking shovels

Our Connection with the Land

From the moment we walked on to this property we knew this was a special place we had always dreamed about. Towering pines and oak trees greeted us when we arrived and welcomed us to explore all of its 18 acres. Our two families felt that instant connection to this unique place. We knew this land was the special place we could share with people who have the same love of the outdoors as we do. “If we build it, would they come?” almost fell out of our mouths as we watched the sun set the first evening. “Build it and they will come”, but what would be build? Read on.

After five decades of traveling and speaking with people in traditional gravel RV parks we thought we had a pretty good idea what people wanted. What we had was a million and one ideas! So here is what we developed over a two-week time frame:

  • Spacious home sites. Traditional RV parks offer just enough room to get the RV parked and maybe room for a truck. We always wanted room for a picnic table and campfire.
  • Seclusion. Off the beaten path away from busy roads yet close enough to shop and have fun.
  • Privacy. Having some privacy gives us a sense of being in our own homes.
  • A real Community. Where neighbors know and look out for one another.
  • Full time Management and maintenance. Is important to meet the expectations of our guests and make them feel that they are at home.

We picked the top 4 ideas to begin with out of the Million and One ideas we had. We had a plan now and a mission. It was time for action.

“Build it and they will come” And they DID!


With 130 sites in our community, and the trees and grass, There is nothing like this in North Texas!